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While Tovegin typically doesn't use Java (for obvious reasons when you read below), we thought we'd provide the info and link.

Java Virtual Machine Update

Microsoft removes the Microsoft Virtual Machine from all services packs.

Due to the litigation with Sun Microsystems, Microsoft has removed the Microsoft Virtual Machine (its version of the Java Virtual Machine) from its web site and all service packs. This means that the only place to get the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the Sun web site. Some customers have reported that their Java Virtual machine has stopped working after installing the latest Windows XP Service Pack-1a.

If your Java applets stop working, please go to the Sun Java download site to download the Sun Java Virtual Machine.

Click here to download the Sun Java Virtual Machine.

However, in the event we use Java on your site (some FrontLook applets use it) then here's the things we'll do to ensure your site visitors can see what they should see) on your pages that use Java Applets that help the user to locate the Java Virtual Machine. Press here for more info

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