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Here are a few easy steps to establishing your presence on the World Wide Web.

1) Ensure that the name you want for your site is available. Use our name checking service, enter the name your interested in, and if the response page contains "This name is not visible to the DNS." You may be in luck. Scroll down the response page and check to see if any similar names are listed.

2) With your credit card or cheque handy, complete the form to both register the name you want for your site as well as establishing a "home" for that name (called "delegation" in Internet terminology) with one of our web hosting service providers.

3) While we will help you establish your web site, you may want on overview of Microsoft® FrontPage®, so you can see how easy it is if you wanted to create and maintain your own web site. Or maybe a tutorial that will give you more detail on how Microsoft's FrontPage helps publish your web site.

4) And last but not least, you may want to have a look at a sample site. Visualise how this could be your company's World Wide Web address - Visit the site and click on the words / buttons Home, Feedback, Contents, Search (along the top) and News, Products, Services (along the left side) to experience the examples of how YOUR company's web presence could look using Tovegin's Easy Start Service.

5) Any other questions, just contact us - or and we will gladly, and with no obligation, do our best to answer all your questions. Or you may choose to avail yourself of our FREE offer. View our free offer !

Thanks for reviewing Tovegin's Easy Start Service.

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