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The Explosion of E-Commerce -
an Update

  Business to business E-Commerce and Business to Consumer E-Commerce is exploding on the Internet, causing fundamental reappraisal of how organisations view their network and indeed their overall business plan.

Organisations have moved along from a simple web presence to sophisticated sustainable identities built around transactional sites composed of complex technologies such as public key enabled, infrastructure providing authentication and authorisation along with embedded data mining of their clients’ net activities. These technologies are being provided by a mixture of in-house and outsource service provider arrangements within a complex regulatory environment addressing security, privacy and copyright.

This presentation provides a technology update and to inform how to prepare you to implement these technologies.


First presented at Internet World 99, Sydney Australia, 2 August, 1999

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Table of Contents

The Explosion of E-Commerce

Twenty Years ago

E-Commerce Definition

E-Commerce is here NOW & to STAY !

E-Commerce - then & now !

E-Commerce - Merging to Emerging

E-Commerce - Profile of Success

E-Commerce - Niche Markets

E-Commerce - Prepared to Pilot E-Commerce

E-Commerce - Commercial Considerations

E-Commerce - International Trade Transactions

E-Commerce - NSWTEA <-> STP

E-Commerce - Commercial Considerations - BUSINESS IDEA

E-Commerce - Commercial Considerations - Marketable Product

E-Commerce - Commercial Considerations - PRODUCT DELIVERY

E-Commerce -Commercial Considerations - PARTNER RELATIONSHIP

E-Commerce - Watchful Hints (Best Practices)

E-Commerce - Show Stoppers

E-Commerce - Possible Futures


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