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Hints & Tips on using World Time & Information Centre

There are lots of world time utilities on the WWW. But none we know that have an invaluable feature - Time Difference Comparison. Have you ever been on the phone or preparing a fax and wanted to arrange the next time for contact, and wanted to make sure that your local time was a reasonable time for your business associate. Sure, you can do the mathematics, IF you know the time difference between the cities AND you can juggle the figures around in your head. The world time info centre above has TWO 24 hour clocks synchronised so that as you look at the specific time in one city, the time in the other city is immediately obvious.

Best way to understand is demonstrate. Right click on any of the eight city clock displays. Notice and menu option - Time Difference... Click on that option and you will see the city appear twice, at the left and right. And notice the Comparison section at the bottom. Select the "Browse Cities" button, and select any of the 540 cities in the database and note that now the Comparisons section gives you all 24 hours for both the cities such that time in either city can easily be compared to the exact time of the other.

So many other things in this tidy world time info centre -

For more info start with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the help file. To get to the help file and FAQ, right click on any of the city buttons, select Facts About the City option, select the Help button from the city displayed, then the Contents button in the top left of the help window and then double-click on Troubleshooting, then double-click on the Frequently Asked Questions heading.

Or as always, send e-mail to and we'll attempt to answer any questions.

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