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Because of Tovegin's success and experience in the E-commerce, it has been requested to make presentations to a variety of audiences.  Some of those presentations can be made available to clients and site visitors for their own information and to better assist in understanding various aspects of E-commerce and associated programs, businesses, organisations, etc.

So it is with great pleasure that we make the following available.   However, we request that before using this this material or information contained therein, you review our legal notices and privacy statements.  If you have any questions or concerns about these legal or privacy aspects we ask that you contact Director@tovegin.com.au.

As always your comments and/or suggestions on how these can be better made available on our website, please contact webmaster@tovegin.com.au.

We are happy to deliver any of our presentations or prepare other presentations that may be more specific to your objectives.  Please contact Market_Your_Web@tovegin.com.au.

Presentations -

2 Aug, 1999
The Explosion of E-Commerce - an update (as presented at Internet World 99,
Sydney Australia, 2 Aug, 1999)
24 Nov, 1998
The Explosion of E-Commerce (as presented at Networld+InterOp 98,
Sydney Australia, 24 Nov, 1998)

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