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What some of our clients are saying about Tovegin Pty Ltd, Registered Web Presence Developer for Microsoft® FrontPage®.

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Springfields Springfields - at the heart of aromatherapy

bulletBeing essentially computer illiterate we relied totally on Tovegin to create our website. Owner Larry Czarnik, made the job easy to understand, built the site within days and made it simple and consumer friendly.
bulletGillian Kerr, Proprietor, Springfields Aromatherapy

Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

bulletI have had the assistance of Mr Larry Czarnik through Tovegin in the maintenance of our Web Page. The web has been built using Microsoft FrontPage 2000. I have a basic knowledge of FrontPage but it has been through Tovegin that our Web has developed into one which is user-friendly and informative. The ready availability and guidance of Mr Larry Czarnik at Tovegin, not only to me but other members using FrontPage, has given us a greater understanding and competence in using the program. 
bulletBr Neil Richards, Webmaster, Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

Australian Chinese Business Development Association Australian Chinese Business Development Association

bulletAs the President of ACBDA, I am pleased to say that we have found the services to Tovegin very good and meet our expectation.  Our website has been very well maintained and every changes attended promptly by them. The fees have been moderate and truly reflects value for money.  I would recommend Tovegin's services to anyone who is interested to create and maintain a website.
bulletJack Tan, President (2001, 2002) ACBDA

International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australian Branch) Inc.

bullet"Thank you Larry, for all the great work you have done! The  transformation of our web site is astounding. Not often one comes across someone that has so much expertise and at the same time is easy to work with and totally efficient!"
bulletAnna Dall, Publicity Officer (2001), IFA

St. Columban's Mission Society

bullet"Thanks again for the great help that you give us. It gives one confidence in the face of the rapid changes in the industry to have someone like yourself to refer to."
bulletTrevor Trotter, Regional Director (2002), St Columban's Mission Society

StreetSigns Australia

bullet"I came to Tovegin proficient in Word and Microsoft Paint but ignorant of web site construction. Larry created the framework for my site and patiently filled it with material emailed by this exacting customer, all the time educating me in Microsoft Front Page. Afterwards he taught me to do basic maintenance of the site myself. I am still very much a web neophyte, but when I need help, Larry is always accessible and genuinely happy to be of service. Tovegin’s charges are moderate. I recommend their services without reservation."
bulletBeatrice Player, Principal, StreetSigns Australia

For more details on how we use Microsoft® FrontPage® to develop your web site, refer to Tovegin P-L - Easy Start Service

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