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And as our logo indicates, Tovegin's "Marketplace" is the world. So we can help you know the time anywhere in the world.

(Click here for hints & tips on using world time & info centre)

To use the World Time & Info Centre for Netscape you need to download and install the Plug-in which will only take a few moments. You will be asked to complete a form, do so, then pick a site from which to download and then go to the Windows Explorer and double click on the file ETPLUGIN.EXE that you just downloaded. (Make sure ETPLUGIN.EXE is on same disk as Netscape !) Netscape will know about the plug-in when you next restart Netscape. Click here if you need to download the plug-in.

Bookmark this page to you can return to it easily ! After you restart Netscape, return to this page.

Click here see the World Time & Info Centre.
(The above link is set for standard installation of the plug-in.
You may need to vary the url for non-standard installations.)

Use your Netscape browser "back" button to return to this page. Again, click here for hints & tips on using world time & info centre

If any questions, send e-mail to and we'll do our best to answer them.

And again, don't forget our FREE offer ! Click here to view free offer !

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